“I believe I Future has the potential to address a gap that exists in the market today. Organizations currently have to spend time, effort, energy and money to develop young talent before they are ready for the production environment.

I look forward to the development of this initiative, I`m confident that in the longer run this would be beneficial to the talent pool as well as employers in creating a workforce that is motivated and ready to hit the ground running from day one.”

Vivek Bakshi, Head of International Operations, Wipro (Europe)

“I Future and Wipro collaboration has come a long way. We partnered in the early years of our setting up in Romania & still going strong.

Wipro has relied on support from I Future team in multiple facets. The team of I Future has been very focused and dedicated towards our needs thereby delivering good results on each venture. They step up when it is time to do so and have immense capability to support during trying times. Their team is a fun-loving team which is always available for discussions and it has been quite a pleasant journey so far.

We look forward to more successful collaboration in the future with their teams to expand business and build a strong partnership.”

Noni Tandon, Manager Talent Acquisition, Wipro BPS

“I Future is our long-lasting, trusting partner with whom we have worked together now for many years. We have always been able to rely on the professionalism and proactive approach of the I Future team in any situation that we have encountered.  I highly recommend I Future for their network, business acumen, understanding of customer needs and open and transparent communication.”

Liviu Anghel, Recruitment Europe Lead, Genpact

“We were happy to find I Future as a reliable partner who has always shown professionalism, readiness, flexibility and, in addition, has proved to be very proactive. In an even more difficult labor market, it is comfortable to have someone to form a successful recruitment team with. Thank you I Future.”

Ioana Toma, Human Resources Manager, Urgent Cargus

“ABSL in Romania is the leading organization representing the business services sector comprising of some of the most prestigious companies in this field. Business Services is an industry directly linked to the right talent and top educated people. We are excited to have I Future as a strategic partner of ABSL in Romania, as its concept of preparing talent for this industry is innovative and leading edge. I look forward to closely working with our partners on increasing the role of this sector in sustaining Romania’s economy.”

Alexander Weigl, President, Association of Business Services Leaders in Romania

“We have collaborated with I future in a very fruitful manner that helped us to achieve our growth objectives especially on our Corporate Operations business line. IFuture provided us very professional recruitment services but especially a very flexible approach, being client oriented throughout the recruitment processes they have handled for us. In such a competitive market it is very desirable to have a reliable partner that is delivering on time and qualitative results, like IFuture.”

Gabriela Andrei, Recruitment Team Leader, Societe Generale

“Ifuture is a valuable partner in our recruitment processes. It is strongly connected to the labor market, it offers us support in finding suitable candidates for our vacancies and their way of working is very efficient and qualitative.
In addition to the appropriate profiles they recommend, we also appreciate the professionalism of people involved in the recruiting processes, partners that always treat our demands with a real sense of responsibility and with a focus on our requirements.”

Gabrile Ile – Human Resources Manager, BOSCH

“The partnership of Accenture Romania and IFuture started back in 2016, IFuture has been delivering for recruitment services for our Operations and Technology practices, two sectors in which they are clearly very knowledgeable and have a unique way to keep themselves updated with the market dynamics and hence are able to provide pragmatic and efficient solutions. The things that stands IFuture above the rest is their amazing can do attitude, enthusiasm and amazing desire to do more and prove themselves more. While we are aware they work with different clients in the same industry sector, I have always appreciated the fact that they take time and invest to understand your business, culture and challenges and we have always felt we have been given more than the right attention and , most of all, care.
Another thing that stands out with IFuture is that the team regularly takes time to look backwards, understand the process, drive analytics and come up with proposals to remove any bumps on the way so that both sides get more from this partnership and hence, create a better future and more value added for both businesses.
Our partnership is based on trust and transparency – they are great professional allies!
Keep it up IFuture – together, we are committed to building a better environment for both our candidates and businesses!”

Irina Minzala, Central Europe Talent Acquisition Lead, Accenture

“For me, the I Future experience was a truly successful one and I would recommend them to anybody. The recruitment process was transparent from the beginning to the end. From the firsts minutes of the conversation I could form an idea about the journey I would have to go through in order to get the right job.”

Alina, I Future candidate

“The recruiters were understanding and really prompt. Although I faced some challenges throughout the recruitment process, they helped me with them and gave me all the information needed.”

Ana, I Future candidate

“I would describe the I Future experience as an extremely enjoyable one. The recruitment process was fast and I had all the support from their side. I received all the necessary details clearly and promptly, and the proposed role matched my skills very well.”

Madalina, I Future candidate

“The recruiter and I Future team were by my side throughout the recruitment process and answered all my questions in a detailed manner. I would surely recommend them.”

Mine, I Future candidate

“The approach on presenting the benefits of the job was accurate and meticulous. The recruiter played an important part in the decision I took, taking care to inform me about all the details.”

Daniel, I Future candidate

“I had other collaborations with recruitment companies in the past, but the process with I Future went excellently. I received all the necessary information about the job, and the recruiter had such a positive attitude, was so open and presented the job so well, that it determined me to desire it even more.”

Delia, I Future candidate

“The I Future team is very open to dialogue and the recruitment process is well structured. They know how to organize everything in order for us, candidates, to feel comfortable, without stress.”

Oana, I Future candidate