About us

Who We are

We are a subsidiary of Thakral Group, a multinational organization with its HQ in Singapore and a strong global presence.

50% of Romania’s population is currently under 30. Despite the youth having high-potential, sound academic knowledge, multilingual skills and being ambitious, a gap persists for a supply of skilled resources in the local market.

I Future collaborates with industry experts to develop and train the youth through the Talent Development Initiative. We have expanded our operations into multiple service categories from Recruitment and Personnel Leasing to Outsourcing, Consultancy and Talent Development.

Training of skilled resources is currently a responsibility that corporations have to take upon themselves, which results in a high risk of attrition and low dependability.

It is our vision to be future centric in helping organizations and next generations of professionals through highly customizable tools and frameworks that empower both professionals and businesses to stay competitive and to leverage controlled growth.

It is our mission to bridge the gap between industry needs and talented professionals and to create added value through every partnership.

Our Competitive Edge


We are passionate and committed to providing effective solutions and services to make talent acquisition sustainable.

Leveraging Technology

We innovate together and constantly perfect our methodologies to increase efficiency and to generate better results.

Valuable Pipeline

We have developed a complete modular infrastructure which allows us to provide custom solutions to accommodate each client’s specific set of needs.

Defining Success Together

We charge you on a success fee basis. We leverage a mutual benefit strategy utilizing our cutting edge tools and our team of experienced professionals.

Our Management Team

Andrei Loghin

Business Development Manager

Andrei Loghin has 15 years of experience in Business Development in different multinational organizations such as Ipsos Interactive Services and GFK Romania. His experience includes sales activity in telecom, Client Service Team Leader in online market research and business development roles in HR Consultancy.

With over 5 years of professional experience in developing new business on new verticals in the HR area, he has gained expertise and a competitive knowledge of the HR market in Romania.

Ramesh Koka

CEO Thakral Group, Romania

With over 35 years of experience in senior management profiles at various multinational organizations, including Whirlpool Corporation USA and USHA International, Ramesh Koka’s expertise includes marketing, business development, start-ups and profit center concepts.

With over 20 years of professional experience in Europe in multiple industries, he has a keen understanding of the current skilled resource requirements. His team has designed a Talent Development Initiative in Romania, which has been quite successful for clients with a variety of requirements in bridging the gaps between Industry, Corporate and Employable.

Laura Delcea

Recruitment Manager

Laura Delcea is a dynamic and resourceful HR & Recruitment Manager with more than 10 years of experience in different organizations such as Humangest Group and Trenkwalder Romania. Her experience includes Recruitment Consultancy and Leadership across different sectors such as BPO/SSC, Production, Retail, Finance, Marketing, IT, Engineering.

Withover 5 years of experience she has a keen understanding of Employee Development, Consulting, Negotiations and Client Management.