The Best of Talent Development

What do we offer? A unique training methodology, which we have employed and fine tuned over years of industry experience, which we leverage to train all key skills for the youth through the Talent Development Initiative.

We develop customized training programs based on your organization’s needs to bridge skill gaps for personnel transitions, for new personnel or adapting senior management.


Who do you partner with? Basav Ray Chaudhuri, an internationally experienced business leader who had assignments in General Management, Change Management, Corporate Strategy and Finance in a career spanning 29 years. He lived and worked in 7 countries across Europe and Asia developed a thorough understanding of the role of cultural diversity and political sensitivity in global enterprises.

He is a clear communicator and a strategic thinker with a strong commercial mind. In difficult market conditions, he displaced competition, entered new markets and strategically partnered with customers, led a corporation through a transformation program and managed the change associated with this. He has also influenced organizations to collaborate with and partner local enterprises in a variety of ways as part of a coordinated national business development and corporate sustainability strategy.


He is a credentialed Leadership Development Coach and has had clients in the USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Romania and India. He is also a public speaker on Leadership, Change Management and Transformation.