The Best of Personnel Leasing

What is Personnel Leasing? Whether you’re experiencing peaks of activity, developing new projects, hiring restrictions, replacing existing employees for a predefined period of time, or entering a new market while not yet legally established in Romania, we ensure that you’re able to leverage the best talent.

Why Personnel Leasing? It provides limited risk early in the process and enables you to delay internal hiring until your position in the market is consolidated. It can be the optimal solution for a temporary business situation and may convert into a permanent endeavor in the future.

What Personnel Leasing services do you offer? I Future provides a start-to-end kind of process that includes but not limited to selection, recruitment, onboarding, training, payroll, benefits management, personnel documents administration, taxes / contributions payments for temporary staff, reporting and employee replacement when they decide to terminate a mission before the due date.

We manage all legal processes to ensure the adequate requirements are met. We redeploy employees back into the company payroll at the end of your project, functioning as the end-to-end comprehensive service.

What legal frame is there for Personnel Leasing? The average time of an initial temporary contract mission in Romania cannot exceed 24 months, with the possibility of extension for another 12 months. The temporary labor contract can be signed for one or more missions, without exceeding the legal period of 36 months.