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We are passionate and committed to providing effective solutions and services to make talent acquisition sustainable.

Leveraging Technology

We innovate together and constantly perfect our methodologies to increase efficiency and to generate better results.

Valuable Pipeline

We have developed a complete modular infrastructure which allows us to provide custom solutions to accommodate each client’s specific set of needs.

Defining Success Together

We charge you on a success fee basis. We leverage a mutual benefit strategy using our cutting-edge tools and our team of experienced professionals.

Who We are

Who we are

We are a subsidiary of Thakral Group, a multinational organization with its HQ in Singapore and a strong global presence.

We provide a suite of services for recruitment encompassing hiring, placement and advising companies on how to leverage talent effectively in context of the today’s extremely dynamic market conditions.

What we do

We collaborate with industry experts to develop and train the youth through the Talent Development Initiative. As of today, we have expanded our operations into multiple service categories, from recruitment and personnel leasing to outsourcing, consultancy and talent development.

We provide services across all domains, with remarkable client history in BPO, SSC, IT&C, Supply Chain, Finance and Core IT.


“I believe I.FUTURE has the potential to address a gap that exists in the market today. Organizations currently have to spend time, effort, energy and money to develop young talent before they are ready for the production environment.”

Vivek Bakshi, Head of International Operations, Wipro (Europe)

“We are excited to have I Future as a strategic partner of ABSL in Romania, as its concept of preparing talent for this industry is innovative and leading edge. I look forward to closely working with our partners on increasing the role of this sector in sustaining Romania’s economy.”

Alexander Weigl, President, ABSL Romania

“The I Future team is very open to dialogue and the recruitment process is well structured. They know how to organize everything in order for us, candidates, to feel comfortable, without stress.”

Oana, I Future candidate